As part of our mission, StrideLabs is motivated to help close the digital and economic gap for our graduates. StrideLabs is developing an add-on app to SalesLabs for nonprofits that will offer employment and training. The application will provide tools and reports to track class attendance, performance and certifications as well as counseling notes including tracking client goals and progress reports. The program will also provide a tool to communicate with employers and track job opportunities.

We are excited to have volunteers from the tech industry, GE and SalesLabs, Bay Area employment and training nonprofits (Stride Center, JobTrain, and Asian Neighborhood Design), and StrideLabs graduates to participate in the design workshop, so the tool meets the needs of all user groups.

The most powerful feature of the application will be a web-based and mobile application that will enable job developers, coaches, counselors, and alumni to stay connected. One of the biggest challenges that many Employment and Training organizations face is staying in contact with graduates after training has been completed. This application will make it easy for alumni to keep their contact information up-to-date,  enabling staff to easily send out job announcements, new training opportunities, and coaching reminders via the mobile phone.

We have completed two design workshops, the next step is to begin developing the fields in SalesLabs for both the student and work developer. StrideLabs graduates will have the opportunity to work with SalesLabs engineers to bring this app to fruition.

Our special thanks to Kara Chanasyk from GE, Kara has facilitated the workshop and has enlightened all of our participants with her skills as a user experience designer – specifically with design thinking strategies. Also many thanks to Jon Plax from SalesLabs, who has brought along his wonderful group to support this effort. StrideLabs is pleased to be working with such an amazing group!