StrideLabs Consulting Internship

The StrideLabs Interview with our second Salesforce Consulting Intern, Brittney Mims is coming soon!

Briana Stout

Briana Stout

Salesforce Consultant Intern

Get to know Briana Stout, the First StrideLabs Consulting Intern!

Q: How did you become interested in Salesforce?

I became interested in Salesforce during a conversation I was having with a friend about my desire to pivot into the tech industry. I went to check out Trailhead and instantly fell in love with the platform because it was user friendly and the trails (lessons) were fun and engaging. I practiced on my own for a few months, then invested in myself by enrolling in a Salesforce & Gainsight bootcamp with MyTechBestFriend. A proud accomplishment of mine was becoming certified as a Systems Administrator and Gainsight Associate Admin, before completing the bootcamp.

Q: How did you hear about StrideLabs?

I learned about StrideLabs through a networking opportunity during which Michele reached out to me in early 2022. Initially, there was not an opportunity available aligned with what I was seeking, however, Michele and I kept in contact over the course of a few months. Months passed by and Michele presented the StrideLabs internship program and I became excited immediately. I’ve been applying to jobs and interviewing on my own, but have been getting rejected due to my entry-level experience.

Q: What did you hope at the start of your internship?

StrideLabs is a great opportunity and program for me because they focus on helping and serving underrepresented black and Latina women, and I identify as both. Being a part of an organization that is focused on helping black women excel and advance is an organization I want to be engaged with. I am forever grateful for this learning and growth opportunity, as I know it is a stepping stone for the next step in my Salesforce career.

Q: What are you enjoying the most about my internship?

I am enjoying being a Salesforce Consultant intern, working with the Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program! Being a consultant involves wearing multiple hats, providing, and creating endless solutions to meet your client’s  objectives.I have been leading and a part of client Discovery calls, which have been quite intriguing and enjoyable. Listening and repeating back your customer’s requirements are key to being successful. I am excited to start creating and building in the sandbox to streamline my client’s systems and processes. I get to see all aspects of what it is like to be a consultant, while receiving feedback from the project manager and consultant coaches along the way. 

Q: What has it been like working with StrideLabs team?

They have been very supportive and check in with my mental well being as well. I am going to gain so much experience from this program that I would not have been able to gain elsewhere and am forever grateful for the opportunity!