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Our Mission

Our mission is to create tech careers by providing training and hands-on experience to underrepresented populations, while bringing quality affordable services to nonprofits and socially responsible businesses to leverage Salesforce effectively.


Our Pitch

Women, Blacks & Latino/a are underrepresented in the tech industry and many nonprofits don’t have the bandwidth to take advantage of the free technologies available to them. We’re addressing both by training folks to become Salesforce experts and giving them experience while helping nonprofits use free tech tools effectively.


About Us

StrideLabs is a nonprofit that’s leveraging the power of Salesforce technology to help disrupt the cycle of inequality, championing diversity in technology, and support the business objectives of other nonprofits.


Lets crush the divide together

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We're Making Strides

We have created training and internship opportunities for people who are underrepresented in the tech industry. Now, we are exploring new social enterprise models and fresh approaches that will allow us to deepen our impact in the lives of people and at the nonprofits we wish to serve.

We Get Nonprofits

We get nonprofits because we are one. We’re leveraging our mission to advance yours.

It's a Win-Win

When you hire StrideLabs, you’re getting results that support your mission, and ours. We’re providing Certified Salesforce Training and work experience to underrepresented populations and providing nonprofits with affordable Salesforce phone and online support & services. It’s a win-win.


Available On Demand

The biggest challenge nonprofits face when searching for probono and volunteer Salesforce configuration is the dreaded wait list. StrideLabs’s contact center support services were designed to cut the wait and work within your budget. Affordable solutions, without the wait.

Results Matter

Results matter because your mission matters. We’re leveraging the power of Salesforce to support the business objectives of nonprofits: connecting with donors, engaging volunteers, simplifying time-taxing administrative processes, and freeing you to focus on what matters – your mission.


Our phone and online support services make top quality results possible on tight budgets. StrideLabs teams Senior Salesforce experts with trained and paid student interns- ensuring professional quality results at a far more affordable rate.


Current % Latinas/os in Tech Jobs


Current % Blacks in Tech Jobs


Current % Women in Tech Jobs

Number of StrideLabs Students, Alumni & Volunteers



Kara Chanasky | Founder of Empower Interactive

Bill Duane | Senior Manager of Well Being and Sustainable Performance Development at Google

Nicole Guthrie | Hope Lab – Research and Development

Madan Kumar | Co-founder APT Life Sciences

Missy Longshore | Longshore Consulting

Pat Patterson | Salesforce,  Principal Developer Evangelist

Jon Plax | Salesforce Director, Customer Centric Engineering

Kanak Rai | Hewlett-Packard, Account Delivery Manager

Ezra Roizen | Ackrell Capital

Sid Singh | Tellabs Access, Sales Account Manager