• Do I need to be Black, Latino/a and/or a Woman to participate?
    • Absolutely not! We need allys of all colors, shapes and sizes to help us build out this app.
  • I don’t live in the Bay Area. Can I still help?
    • You do not need to live here to participate. Remote hackers are welcome.
  • I’m not an expert developer, can I still help?
    • Yes, there are lots of ways to help without being a developer!

Team Makeup: 

If you do not have a team, just sign up as an individual and we will match you up. Teams should consist of 2-6 people and can contain a mix of the following roles:

  • Architect
  • Business Analyst
  • Designer
  • Developer
  • Salesforce Admin
  • SME

Signup by: TBA

Prizes: (Judges will select based on Innovation and Usability)