Kate, Julie & Michele – Postponed

Unfortunately – Julie needs to undergo further surgery from the car accident and we are going to have to reschedule in the fall. We are still going to gather at 6:30 for wine and cheese, to learn about Strideforce and do a singalong. If you want to come, please email Michele@Strideforce.org and she’ll email you her home address. 
Although each of them has their own unique sound, Kate, Michele and Julie have an astounding talent for blending harmonies woven so closely they are nearly indistinguishable.  Alternately humorous, poignant, and soaring, their rich vocals never fail to move and delight audiences.  
Having said that, they’ve never been able to come up with a suitable name for their trio. ��Suggestions are encouraged. 

About the Artists:

Kate Noson is a singer-songwriter from Seattle who has made her home in the Bay Area for the last ten years while getting her PhD in Italian Studies. Kate bears her soul in her music and creates an intimacy that draws the listeners in, enveloping them with emotion and intensity. Her songs create a nostalgia that leaves the listener with a feeling of longing and familiarity that seems a lot like home. Kate’s amazing ability to combine her soulful voice with her songwriting and guitar playing is the work of natural talent and dedication to her art.

Julie Greer left the bluegrass of Kentucky as a young woman to spend years in alternative rock bands in the Los Angeles nightclub scene, including on the iconic Sunset Strip.  Now an established Bay Area entertainment lawyer and mother of three, listeners can still hear her Kentucky and rock ‘n roll roots in her powerful and passionate vocals.

Michele McGeoy is the founder of Strideforce and a computer geek who makes music as therapy. She learned to play the Malaguena in sixth grade and is a lover of the oldies… James Taylor, Fleetwood Mac, Cat Stevens. She believes that harmonizing is the key to a happy life.