StrideForce is now StrideLabs. Our name may be different, but our cause hasn’t changed. StrideLabs is a nonprofit that’s leveraging the power of StrideLabs technology to help disrupt the cycle of inequality, championing diversity in technology, and support the business objectives of other nonprofits.

StrideLabs has been working to close the digital divide since 2015. In the past, we’ve run application training programs, conducted “Hack-a-thons” and offered support services to other social service organizations who are aligned with our mission.

More importantly, we’ve been grappling with the question of how we can support as many individuals as possible, as quickly as possible. In short, how do we scale our impact beyond our physical reach.

Here’s what we figured out: By strategically re-aligning our practice – adding our two new Co-Directors, a rotating band of contracted engineers and focusing on two core programs – we can effectively and efficiently work to close the digital gap, introduce marginalized persons into the Tech workforce and provide strategic planning and IT services to our sister organizations who are already working to support a myriad of diverse initiatives designed to help disenfranchised and underrepresented communities.  It’s a win-win-win solution!