We have engaged with Salesforce in an Academic Alliance Partnership where they have made all of their curriculum available to us for the first year at no cost. In December 2014 our first cohort completed the Salesforce Admin 201 course, taught by Joy Dixon, an incredibly enthusiastic trainer – in her own words, technology and training together = bliss. The standard 1-week/40-hour Salesforce class is spread over 8 weeks to allow for extensive hands-on experience and the incorporation of resilience building activities.

In return for the free course, our graduates perform volunteer hours and will then be offered paid internships.  The initial services will include data entry, data migration, contact center support, and CRM customizations. Over time we will also be developing add-on applications that can be integrated into Salesforce, for example volunteer management and grant tracking. As we continue to grow our program our next step

Our longer term goals, given that our graduates do not hold college degrees, in order for them to be able to qualify for Salesforce Administrator positions, they need to have passed the Salesforce Administrator exam and have one year experience on their resumes. To provide our graduates with the necessary work experience, we will create a Contact Center business that provides service to nonprofit entities.

We are always looking for nonprofits to partner with – Our mission is advancing yours.