Another part of our mission here at StrideLabs is providing support to other nonprofits by assisting in their establishment and the implementation of SalesForce for their specific needs. One nonprofit we are currently working with is the Mural Arts Collaborative (MAC). MAC works with artists and community-based organizations to create murals that strengthen communities by building pride, beauty and respect through art with a message. They accomplish this by offering programs for young artists to learn the skills and techniques needed to learn how to create a legal mural in public spaces. During these programs, adult artists who are passionate about social justice are matched with younger people in building cross-generational public art.

MAC was founded by Ben Goulart. As a teenager growing up in Hayward, CA, Goulart’s interest in street art began with doing graffiti. Later, his high school art teacher taught Goulart how to channel his love for art into sometime legal — mural painting. This eventually led to Goulart’s vision of starting Mural Arts Collaborative.

MAC has been responsible for the establishment of many murals throughout the bay area and has participated in many art events including the Eureka Box Art ProgramSamoa Peninsula Concrete Vault Public Art Project, and the Eureka Street Art Festival.

Learn more about MAC and follow them on Facebook and Instagram.