Do Tech folks really need Economic Stimulus?

Imagine if every highly paid professional in tech gave away the equivalent of their stimulus check to open doors for those underrepresented in this powerful economic engine!!!

Many years ago I changed my major from Physical Education to Computer Science – and I have never once regretted it. I have been so blessed to work in an industry that is exciting, growing and lucrative.After I had the good fortune of selling my software company, I became committed to the work of nonprofits, though I prefer to call them social profits / prophets :)

I became enchanted with Salesforce because they gave away 10 free licenses to nonprofits to help them manage their constituents. So I learned how to customize and enhance the product and I now work as a consultant helping organizations be more efficient and effective using Salesforce.

Towards the beginning of the COVID crisis my employer, Appirio-A Wipro Company, had to make hard decisions. I was put on furlough for 9 weeks. Thanks to their generosity, I received health care benefits through that time. I also benefited from our government having made a bipartisan decision to increase unemployment benefits substantially. In case I was not brought back to work, I put that money into savings. I am now back at work and because I am so very grateful for Appirio’s support and generosity and our government’s investment, I would like to do something to give back.

So I am donating the Economic Stimulus package I received to StrideLabs to help open doors to folks who are underrepresented in the tech industry. We have a great model and it’s time to take it nationally.

My hope is that this will inspire others who have benefited from the tech industry to give back too. Let’s pay forward the privileges we have been blessed with.

Sincerely, Michele

p.s. Even if you can’t give away your whole stimulus check, please give something. Every dollar helps!


If only 1% of workers in the industry donated their $1200 stimulus check to close the digital divide we could offer every grassroots non-profit in the country over 500 hours of professional tech support and create over 1,800 new jobs for people under-represented in the industry.


Tech workers in U.S. 12,100,000
% giving 1%
Stimulus Check $1,200
Amount Raised $145,200,000
Number of Grassroots Non-profits 6623
Amount/nonprofit $21,923.60
hourly rate $40
Total hours per nonprofit 548
New Jobs Created 1815